FIRE Supression Systems


Fire supression systems incorporates a flexible design with an extremely effective agent that quickly knocks down flames and cools hot servcices, while generating a tough vapor securing blanket that helps prevent re-flash and provide a ‘fire free zone’ trough out a group of appliances.The systems are ideally suited for commercial kitchens of any size for hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals and more.....

Our Clients


     Professionally competent visual inspections are a key element in the proper maintenance of gas cylinders e.g. those used for SCUBA Diving and by Fire Fighters. BHM takes pride of being able to offer to our clients the most high level of safety, safety check standards and up to date equipment for properly re-qualify cylinders.

     SCUBA Tanks and Equipment

     BHM hydro test, can take care of all your dive equipment, testing all type of cylinders and maintaining the quality of valves, etc. Professional maintenance is necessary to make sure cylinders are fit for optimal service, especially when they ‘on the go’ harsh service, such as SCUBA Diving!


     INDUSTRIAL Cylinders

     BHM hydro test can take care off all your industrial cylinders, repair and maintaining valves with a maximum cylinder height of 66 inches.


     SCBA Cylinders

     With many years experience and focus on the core business, BHM hydro testing offers also the most professional, trusted and up to date technical services for all SCBA
cylinders and equipment.


     FIRE Security Service and Equipment

     BHM hydro test also takes care off all your fire security equipment, because fire protection is crucial to safeguarding assets and lives, and we uphold our selves to the most stringent of expectations, complying not just with local laws and regulations, but also with the exacting requirements of insurance companies and International codes and practices.


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